Saturday Night Dance Competition

Dance Dance Baby

Youth Center

A recent dance competition at the youth center in our town featured individual and group dancing as well as a lip syncing category. There aren’t many events or teen hang-out spots in our town so the event was well attended.


The Foxes Beat the Squirrels


These photos from the Benin v. Algeria soccer match a couple of weeks ago show the local fans after Benin took a 1 – 0 lead. Unfortunately, the lead didn’t last long and the Foxes went on to beat the Squirrels 3 – 1. (Aside: I have no idea why Benin’s soccer team is named the Squirrels. I’ve never once seen a squirrel in this country.)


Making Cachupa in Benin


Cachupa, Cape Verde’s national dish, is a slow cooked stew of hominy and beans. Preferably, it is cooked over a wood fire so that it gets infused with smoke. Fish or meat, whatever you might have, help it to stick to your ribs. In our town in Benin, cooked hominy and cooked beans are sold seperately as meals in themselves. Combined into one dish with a fried egg on top, each bite takes me back to Santiago. This quick version doesn’t come close to our host mother in Cape Verde’s cachupa, but Guta would be proud nonetheless.