Peace Corps Service Year One — Cape Verde: São Jorge dos Órgãos

Cover - Sao Jorge

Jen and I lived in this beautiful valley in the town of São Jorge dos Órgãos*. Our house is not visible in this picture because of the small ridge in the foreground that blocks the view of the homes further up in the valley, on the right side of the photos. These photos were taken from a friend’s house on the ridge opposite where we lived in May of 2012, about three months before the start of the rainy season. Our valley stayed green much of the year because of underground water from the mountains though most other areas on the island of Santiago where dry and dusty at this point in the year. The peak on the far left of this photo was the feature of a series of posts earlier last year titled “Our Other Mountain”.


*Though Jen and I spent the first half of our Peace Corps service in Cape Verde, most of the photos we’ve shared on this blog have been of our second post — Benin. The next several weeks’ posts will be a flashback to our first year of service spent on the lovely island of Santiago.


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