Peace Corps Service Year One — Cape Verde

Cape Verde Cards Map

Though Jen and I spent the first half of our Peace Corps service in Cape Verde, most of the photos we’ve shared on this blog have been of our second post — Benin. The next several weeks’ posts will be a flashback to our first year of service spent on the lovely island of Santiago.

Cape Verde is an archipelago of volcanic islands about 300 miles off the coast of Senegal. Some of the islands are flat and sandy; others are mountainous and green, at least during the rainy season. Jen and I lived on the biggest and most populous island, Santiago, which was very green during the months following the rainy season and very brown during the rest of the year. To locate our home, start at Cape Verde’s capital, Praia, in the lower right hand corner of this photo. Follow the dark line cutting up through the island until you are parallel with the big palm tree pictured on the right. Our home sat in the shadow of the mountains, about smack in the middle of the island of Santiago.


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