Profile: Eugenie Assiba Agoli-Agbo

Eugenie Assiba Agoli-Agbo

Name: Eugenie Assiba Agoli-Agbo

Age: 58

Occupation: High School Assistant Principal

Lives With: Her daughter, age 31, and son-in-law, age 34

When I think of America, I think: The US is the biggest force in the world. It is the strongest economy in the world. There are lots of resources there. Because of American films and television, we see lots of images of violence, theft and drugs. Students use guns to kill people in schools. We’ve seen that on the news.

Americans should know about Benin: Benin is a country of about nine million people in West Africa. We share a border with Nigeria, Togo, Burkina Faso and Niger. Our country covers about 114,600 square kilometers. In the north, we have mountains. In the south, we have forests. We are a nation of more than 80 ethnic groups, each with a unique language and culture.

Languages spoken: Torri, Dengbi, Mina, Yoruba, Goun, Fon, French, English, Spanish

Education: High school diploma plus five-year teaching certificate and professional license.


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