The Big Rainy Season

Neighbors in Rain

We are in the thick of southern Benin’s Big Rainy Season: approximately mid April through mid July. (There is also a Little Rainy Season in the south: about mid September to mid November.) It rains several times a week, not everyday. Most days, however, are overcast and gray which equates to gloriously cooler temperatures. The rain comes in bursts – at times light and gentle, other times heavy and violent. Significant rains cause plans to change. Open-air businesses close. Meetings are canceled. In this picture our neighbors wait for the end of a heavy rain and for the flooding in our yard to subside. In addition to the cooler weather there is one other major upside to the rain: fewer trips to the well. The buckets in front of their house sit under the eaves to catch the rain.


2 thoughts on “The Big Rainy Season

  1. Maureen

    Jen and Adam,

    I love reading your blog! So interesting and so good to hear how you make your way so far away. Happy to hear you’re coming home kind of soon. I feel like I know a lot more resilency and spirit every time I read your blog. Thanks for the window into your life.



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