Sushi Bowl

Sushi Bowl

Avocados are in season. Depending on the size and quality they are either cheap or really cheap. I put them to good use in a recent sushi bowl dinner. After seasoning rice with salt, sugar and vinegar, I topped each bowl with avocado, quick pickled carrots and cucumbers, nori shake (toasted sesame seeds, nori sheets and salt), pickled ginger and fried tofu. Locally made and freshly fried tofu is sold in our market; I did the pickling and nori shake making in our kitchen. If only I’d thought of this when we were in Cape Verde and fresh tuna was available daily.


2 thoughts on “Sushi Bowl

  1. jeovy chami

    bonjour jen and adam ,

    i came across with your blog while i am googling for benin , my husband is working in cotonou and me and my son are joining him soon. so i was looking for some idea what is like in benin. your blog is so nice its like seing benin from your view…and very informative like i was thinking what kind of local vegies nd fruits vailable there..what kind of food i can cook..

    keep up the good work guys.i guess i have aditional recipe now in my cook book…hope to meet you in person.


    i spend sleepless nights just reading your blogs….

    1. Adam Post author

      Hi Jeovy — Thanks for the kind words and good luck with your move to Cotonou! We should get together for dinner when you get here:)


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