Fried Dough

Fried Dough

Anyone who claims not to love fried dough is of questionable character in my book. He or she is not to be trusted.

There are several different types of fried dough available in our town, some made with wheat flour, others with manioc flour or with mashed beans. Fresh out of the oil and burn-your-mouth hot, they all have their winning qualities.

These baseball sized dough balls, however, could put many an American doughnut maker out of business. Made from a slightly fermented batter that fries up light, chewy and tangy, these are my favorite. This vendor lives around the corner from our house and fires up her pot of oil each day around 6 pm – a dangerous temptation on the way home from work.

Note that the pot of oil is sitting on an old car wheel with a notch cut out for feeding in wood. This is a typical set up for a roadside food vendor.


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