Sandwich Options

Sandwich Options

French baguettes abound, at least in the south of Benin. Sandwich vendors offer a variety of spreads and toppings. Most sandwich vendors have only one or two options. This vendor’s seven options is an important find in the quest for culinary variety. The options include, clockwise from the top: hardboiled eggs and onions in a tomato and palm oil sauce; hardboiled eggs and mashed smoked fish in oil; boiled potato and carrot chunks; another type of tomato and palm oil sauce with unidentified chunks of something; palm oil; a different type of mashed smoked fish with oil, onions and tomatoes; and in the middle, spaghetti and omelets. A plain baguette costs 125 cfa ($0.25) and toppings can be added for a supplemental cost. An egg is 100 cfa ($0.20). Some smoke fish in oil, boiled potatoes or a combination can be added for any price you want: 25 cfa ($0.05) gets about a teaspoon full while 200 cfa ($0.40) gets about four or five tablespoons full of toppings. Everything is priced according to how much you want. I usually go with a total cost of 200 cfa which includes the 125 cfa of bread and 75 cfa of toppings.


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