I’d Gladly Pay You Tuesday…

I’d Gladly Pay You Tuesday…

I frequently crave food from home. A good cheeseburger often tops the list. I’ve made burgers at our house and they are good, but the meat to fat content is off. The cows here eat grass so the meat has less marbling (fat) than our beef at home. I’ve ordered burgers out at various places that cater to expats and am usually sorely disappointed. Then I went to a Belgian restaurant in Kpalime, Togo. Well seasoned, juicy beef on a chewy, tasty bun with homemade fries and a side of homemade mayo to dip the fries in. I ate a burger for dinner and went back for lunch the next day. The before (above) and after (below) photos say it all.



2 thoughts on “I’d Gladly Pay You Tuesday…

  1. Abbe Eaton

    Your killing me …gotta go visit there!

    Abbe Eaton Peace Corps Volunteer, Benin Community Economic Development

    a_b_eaton@yahoo.com Benin: +(229) 67-71-31-73 Benin: +(229) 94-99-48-98 (iMessage) USA: (415) 225-5243 (voicemail) Corps de la Paix B.P. 971 – Cotonou BENIN (West Africa)

    B.P. 303 – Bohicon BENIN (West Africa) 1013 Rose Avenue Ann Arbor, MI 48104

  2. mat marolla

    ha – nice Wimpy reference. come to brooklyn – we got mad tasty burgers, and the marbling is not spared


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