At the Taxi Station

taxi standA lot can be packed on top of a vehicle. Its not uncommon to see piles of cargo that double the height of a van or taxi. All space inside gets utilized as well. Cargo is packed under the seats and extra passengers are crammed in. Generally, one extra person rides in each row. Thus, a bench made for three will have four. Children under the age of seven generally don’t count and ride on people’s laps. Passengers take turns leaning back against the seat or sitting up to create shoulder room for other passengers.

Filling vehicles draw crowds of vendors. The woman with the bowl of bread on her head (on the left of the photo) and the girl with water and juices on her head work selling items to parting passengers. Most taxi stands have several dozen vendors selling water, bread, cookies, crackers, Fan Milk, peanuts, cashews, fried dough, sugar cane, bananas, oranges and other snacks to passengers.

taxi stand 2


One thought on “At the Taxi Station

  1. mat

    Man that bus overcrowding used to piss me off. I once paid for two seats so I could not be jammed all up in some dude’s junk on a 3 hour ride. People could not get their heads around that move. i recommend it nonetheless


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