Hi folks, It’s Jen, taking over the daily photo posts from Adam for a few weeks. I hope you enjoy seeing Benin from my perspective for a bit (although some of the photos are still Adam’s)!

Sign painting is a flourishing trade here in Benin. Street signs for businesses are all pretty similar—the store name in blue or red set above illustrations of the goods or services provided. You don’t often see logos, brand names, or abstract designs.

photo_2 photo_3

Although the signs here are consistent in style, the illustrations are often creative and quirky. I really like all the little variations, as well as the downright weird stuff.


Straightforward and accurate: you can rent speakers and hire a man in a hat to MC your party. I think he probably won’t hang out under the table, though.


“Treatment of all your hair.” Apparently this place will style your shoulder hair, too.


This place makes clothing for women and… hot dogs?

Sometimes businesses invest in murals that bring things to a whole new level.


This bar is located on one of our regular running routes. At first glance, you might think this sign shows a guy bringing his girlfriend out for a drink, with the friendly waitress seated nearby.


But no, that is Jesus. And he drinks La Beninoise.


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