ANTS! (again)


This is a common sight, especially after a rain storm. Though it’s the dry season now and this is less common, this line of ants was on a path near our house on a recent morning bike ride. As I stopped to take pictures, the ants that’d strayed from the main ant highway began crawling over my feet and up my legs. As I ant-danced away as quickly as possible, several bit me. Their bite is not insignificant considering their size. I was still picking off strays several minutes later after I’d continued my ride.

I’ve come across lines of ants like these while biking and jogging in addition to streaming out of our garden and out of a garbage can in our shared yard. Jen had a fun encounter with a similar line of ants in our shower.


One thought on “ANTS! (again)

  1. Mark Epstein

    Here is a suggestion. Mix up some sort of very sticky substance using sugar and water, with a little glue thrown in if you have and spread it around the house on the ground and up the foundation a little to catch crawlers. Also make a batch and put it in a shoe box lid or similar vessel to form a pool. The ants should be attracted to the sugar and get stuck in the glue. don’t empty the lid right away unless you have plenty of mixture. This should work like a commercial bug trap made with stick’um. I hope it works. Try it away from the house first in case it doesn’t but only attracts them.
    Good Luck!


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