Christmas Day Dinner

Christmas Day Dinner

It was market day in our town on Christmas day. The market ran at about 50% of its normal capacity. Less commotion and vendors made it particularly easy to navigate. I recently discovered that a vendor sells fresh beef (photo below) on market days so we splurged for the holiday. Market butchers don’t cut the meat into the same cuts we know from the US. Generally they will hack off any piece of the animal that is available. All is the same price. On this day the butcher tried to give me part of the liver and some large bones in my half kilo of beef but I asked him to take them out.  

I took the beef home and cut it up into tiny cubes. Then I hacked it up with my chef’s knife until I had a course ground beef. I mixed in bread that I’d soaked in milk, some chopped onions and garlic, sweet basil from the garden, a couple of eggs and some salt and pepper. Meatballs. Yum. The meatballs were extra delicate because I used a lot of milk-soaked-bread so I broke them up in the sauce I made and we had pasta with meat sauce for dinner. A little of the fresh cheese from lunch on top and a bottle of wine on the side. It wasn’t Christmas dinner at Aunt Harriet’s house but it was a great cap to a fine day.

Beef Butcher Avrankou Market


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