Our Kitchen is Complete (for Now)

Our Kitchen is Complete (for Now)

The final pieces for our kitchen were all built by the same carpenter who made our pantry shelves. A table with holes cut out for sink basins (one for washing; one for rinsing) also holds our water filters. A set of three shelves above the three-burner stove holds our many spices. A small table for eating means no more meals sitting on the couch. It definitely feels like home.



6 thoughts on “Our Kitchen is Complete (for Now)

  1. mat

    the cabinets in my apartment are a seriously jack-legged operation. every time the cats jump off of one it feels like the whole kitchen is going to collapse. can you send your carpenter over to park slope?

  2. Mom Kendis

    Your kitchen looks great! Its unbelievable that your kitchen came together so quickly! Enjoy cooking! Love, Mom

  3. Mark Epstein

    Very warm and cozy! Did you get the spice package we sent. Send a specific needs list and I will try to fulfill.
    Love Ricki and Dad/Mark

    1. Jennifer

      We got the package and it was fantastic! We opened it on Christmas to celebrate. We’re now all stocked up on spices until it’s time to leave. There are many more things available here than in Cape Verde.


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