Fan Ice

Fan Ice 1

From Thanksgiving through mid December the power was out 75% of the time. Peace Corps issues each volunteer a solar chargeable lamp and a head lamp so light wasn’t a problem. We don’t have a fridge with food that can spoil. Other than not being able to charge our computer, the only real problem with the power outage was we couldn’t use our fan. Have I mentioned its hot here? I sweat continuously. While I cook, while I sit and read, while I sleep. The fan is one of my only reliefs. Luckily, there is Fan Milk. A cross between water ice* and ice cream, Fan Milk comes in a variety of flavors though my favorites are chocolate and vanilla. The Fan Milk vendors walk around with their coolers mounted on bicycles and honk an old fashioned bicycle horn to announce their presence. They are audible from about 100 yards away. I come running.

*Water ice is Italian ice to those of you not from Philly. If that’s you, you probably also are ignorant of legitimate cheesesteaks. The cheesesteak corridor extends 50 miles in any direction from Pat’s and Geno’s. Outside of that area, order something else.

Fan Ice 2


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