Fresh Coconut Milk

Fresh Coconut Milk

I used to think that coconut milk came out of coconuts ready to use, but no. Crack open a coconut and there is water inside but it doesn’t have much flavor. Coconut milk is pressed from the coconut meat, as with a juicer. I don’t have a machine for pressing the milk from the coconut but have a great alternative. Coconuts are available in our town for about $0.30 and will produce roughly two cans worth of coconut milk. I crack the coconut open on my front stoop, grate the coconut meat and then bring it to the grinder on the corner. I could press the mash through a sieve to separate the milk from the pulp but the pulp adds body to dishes. Procuring coconut milk this way takes a little longer than opening a can, but its fun.

Coconut Milk 2



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