Fried = Good (Happy Hanukkah!)

Fried = Good

Most of the roadside snack vendors sell fried food. This stand sells a thick, tangy, deep fried crepe. After coming out of the bubbling oil, a piece of paper is torn off and used to hold the crepe and sop up a bit of the grease. I tried to let it cool a little before scarfing it but I was unsuccessful. I burnt my mouth only mildly. They’re no latkes, but all fried foods are celebrated on Hanukkah, right? (Don’t trust my Hanukkah knowledge; my parents annually make fun of me for reading the prayer for the first night at sea instead of the prayer for Hanukkah one year.)

Fried crepe


3 thoughts on “Fried = Good (Happy Hanukkah!)

  1. Harriet Rudolph

    I started following your blog after speaking with you mother Annette Kendis after learning what you were doing and where you were. The blogs are fascinating. I am learning a lot about another country. Please respond when you get this so I know that it was received. HAPPY HANUKKAH from the U.s.

    Harriet Rudolph

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