My Morning Commute

morning commute 2

My morning commute is a pleasant seven minute bike ride from our house to my office at the tea cooperative. I start on a quiet dirt road where I pass an occasional motorcycle or car. I have a short ride on a busier street where there are a lot more motorcycles and cars. Finally I take a small path through fields.  

morning commute 1



2 thoughts on “My Morning Commute

  1. mat marolla

    I spent an hour traveling to the office on the useless R and D trains Friday… I miss bike commuting

    why don’t y’all get a scooter?

    1. Adam Post author

      Mat — Peace Corps rules: no driving motobikes though I’ve been told that volunteers here were issued motobikes years ago. I imagine that ended poorly. When you come to visit, I’ll ride on the back of yours. On second thought… now that I remember your driving, I’ll ride my bicycle behind you.


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