Leftovers – Jerk Chicken Sandwich

Yesterday I came home hungry. There was leftover jerk chicken from the previous night’s dinner. (I had used the jerk seasoning recipe from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything). Usually I don’t like chicken breasts as they are dry and boring but the breasts were the winner on this chicken. Local Beninese chickens run free and eat whatever bugs and grains they can find. Thus, their meat is tougher and less fatty than the plump, juicy chicken we get in the U.S. I also burned the hell out of the legs and thighs as I put them on the grill before the charcoal had sufficiently died down. But I digress. Back to lunch.

Jen had bought a baguette with—you guessed it—spicy tomato sauce and left me half. Inspiration struck. I shredded the leftover chicken breast, chopped up some fresh pineapple and red onion and then piled it on the baguette. Hmmmm… Close, but it needed something. The cilantro and mint growing on our patio aren’t ready to eat yet so I tore some basil leaves from the bush that I was given a couple of weeks ago. Sandwich now complete, I took a hungry-boy bite: a clear winner.

Don’t have any Beninese spicy tomato sauce on hand? Substitute some mayonnaise or a little olive oil and vinegar or whatever else you like on a sandwich. Any herb would be great though I think cilantro, mint, basil or a combination would be best. Try it. Let me know what you think.


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