Tea Production

Each bag of tea at my future job is produced by hand. The tea bag is cut from a special role of paper; sealed on two sides with a hot iron; sealed on a third side with a string and label protruding; filled with a teaspoon full of the roasted, ground tea; sealed on the fourth side with a hot iron; folded into a tea bag cover; put into a box; sealed in plastic with a hot iron. It is a time intensive process. The organization’s ten workers produce about 45 boxes of tea per day, each containing 25 bags of tea. One of the organization’s main goals is to mechanize production which will allow them to produce up to 2,000 boxes of tea per day.


One thought on “Tea Production

  1. mat marolla

    these guys clearly need an operating model strategy. fortunately that is my job. i can perhaps offer you a discounted rate provided you cover my tickets to Benin.


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