Local Language Class

A breakdown of language classes. After becoming proficient in basic French we moved onto one of the local languages of our future hometowns. Though French is the official language of Benin, there are dozens of local languages spoken, sometimes changing based on the part of a town you live in. In me and Jen’s future hometown the most common local language is Gun, pronounced “Goon” (lower right hand side of picture). Me and Jen estimate that 50 percent, at most, of the people in our town speak French. Thus, after about a month of French classes, our official French classes ended and we moved onto studying a little Gun before our technical training for Community Enterprise Development began. Gun classes were conducted in French and Gun. My brain sizzled. I’ve decided my mind only functions well in one foreign language at a time so I’ve focused on French and can still only say basic greetings in Gun. Jen and I are planning on getting a Gun tutor soon so we can speak to more of our neighbors.



One thought on “Local Language Class

  1. Ricki

    I just love hearing about the daily ins and outs of your lives! All I can say is more please! We know that you are both so busy so we will take your posts when we can. Love to you both!!!


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