Language Class

In an attempt to communicate more regularly, I’m posting a picture a day of our time in Benin. I’m already three months behind. Better late than never.

The pictures will start with a wrap-up of our first months to get up to speed with our current timeline. I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of our lives in Benin.

– Adam

This is a picture from my four person language class with our fantastic teacher, Aristide. Our first month of training in Benin consisted mainly of language classes where we learned the basics of grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. We also discussed cultural norms (all of the language teachers are local Beninese) and practiced our communication and cultural skills in the market and around the community. Language classes ran from 8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday and 8 am – 12 pm on Saturdays. Peace Corps’ language immersion model, intensive language classes combined with homestay during training, is a strong point of the program. We were all speaking passable conversational French within a month.


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