Jen Making Pate

In an attempt to communicate more regularly, I’m posting a picture a day of our time in Benin. I’m already three months behind. Better late than never.

The pictures will start with a wrap-up of our first months to get up to speed with our current timeline. I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of our lives in Benin.

– Adam

Jen learning to make pate, a Beninese staple. Similar to polenta, it is a cooked cornmeal porridge. This version is pate rouge with tomatoes cooked into the base. Pate is generally cooked and then poured into small round molds about the size of a hockey puck. After cooling and congealing, you rip off chunks of the puck and scoop up sauce with your hand and slurp. I’m lame and usually ask for a spoon.


One thought on “Jen Making Pate

  1. Pat Hamilton

    Adam & Jen
    Just wanted to drop you a line and wish you well in your new assignment. Your Mom fowarded me your posts and I’ve been following since the start. I am currently working in GVSD as a paraprofessional at Bethel Springs Elem. with a special needs child. I’m would like to share some of your posts with students in the 4th grade I work in, if that alright with you, since every year the school focuses the year on the culture and people of another country. They have dancers come in, do arts and crafts in Art class and if the entire school reads 500 lines of their books, the principal will give the kids a reward. Last year, he and his staff learned an Indian dance and danced in complete dress in front of the entire school. It was a real treat. The kids loved it. Last year it was India and this year they have deceided to focus on Africa, the continent. I have mentioned to the teacher I work with, that you are there and we will try to show the students some of the pictures that you send on the culture and life of the people you work with. I have enjoyed your photos and description of the time you have had so far. Seeing really how other cultures in the world are, really puts our life here in the states into a different view. We complain that we have to wait 20 minutes to eat at a certain restaurant, while many of those you help will never eat at a clean restaurant. Take care and keep safe. Pat Hamilton


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