photos: Vacation! #1 – Sao Vicente

Last week Adam and I took our first trip off-island and visited the islands of Sao Vicente and Santo Antão. It was fantastic. Santo Antão was our real destination, but since it doesn’t have an airport, you must take the ferry from Sao Vicente. This worked out well for us, as there are several volunteers in Mindelo, the urban center of Sao Vicente, and this gave us a chance to stop and see them.

We stayed with Drew and Rory, who were kind enough to show us all around Mindelo. In the morning Drew walked with us through the town, stopping at the fish market, the sukupira (open-air market), and his soccer club. We took the bus back to his apartment, after which Adam and I stayed on to ride the entire route, which took us out to the fringes of the city and back. Then we met up with Rory and went to the produce market, several artisanal museums, and a restored lookout tower that had a display of photos showing the cities of Praia and Mindelo in the early decades of the twentieth century (very cool). From there we got some great views of the city from above. That night, we made dinner at Drew and Rory’s place, and the rest of the Peace Corps crew came to hang out.


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