Drum roll, please

After only 19 days of limbo (thank you Peace Corps for busting your butts), the decision came in last week… we have been offered a transfer to Benin! As planned, we’re going to accept. Adam and I will travel directly to Benin to join an incoming class of trainees in late June to re-train in our new host country, but we will keep our job titles (Community Resource Mobilizer for me, Small Business Advisor for Adam).

Here we go again. Luckily, we now know they don’t really weigh the baggage.

Many of you responded to my last post with wonderful comments, emails, and Facebook messages; thank you all for the encouraging thoughts! One negative thing I will admit to is that Adam and I did a massively crappy job of naming this blog. In honor of new opportunities, please contribute your suggestions for a new blog name in the comments section so we can represent better beginning this summer!

We are all set to make a good first impression.


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