nos montanha :: our mountain

We live in a valley near the foot of Pico d’Antonia, the highest peak on Santiago. Every day we are lucky to see the changing face of this beautiful mountain, and we wanted to share some of those wonderful views with you.

This week’s picture of our mountain…

January 15, 2012

1:00 p.m.

Last weekend we hiked to the top of the peak. My hope for today was to post a gorgeous panorama of the island of Santiago, including views of Maio and Fogo. Alas, we were stopped just short of the tippy top by ferocious winds (technically somewhere between a strong breeze and a near gale), and a dense haze meant we were barely able to discern the ocean shore. Nonetheless, it was a fantastic hike with a terrific group of people from our neighborhood. It was particularly fun to spy the other side of our island, which has dramatically different topography than our side. Here’s a view of the peak; notice the brave souls we were with who pushed to the dangerous summit.


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